Level Special category Fully Automatic and Select Fire Machine Guns

This category is where the fun starts and smiles never end. Our partner Company Tex Tac MG is providing machine gun rentals for the general public as well as special access and discounts for range members.

​Current inventory is a Full Auto Glock, British Mk5 Sten Gun, Select Fire AR15, Select Fire F&N Ps90,M1 Thompson, UZI, Vz61 Skorpion, 1919A4, Suomi Kp31, PPS43. Rentals start at $35 and you can use your own ammunition on select models. Some restrictions apply.

​Also Available to all members is access to our FFL/SOT. Whether you need a firearm or NFA transfer we have you covered. Please note that members with a valid Texas LTC permit can do transfers for firearms for as little as $25 per firearm. We can also order you firearms.

Keep in mind if you want a suppressor or fully transferable MG we can order them and your welcome to use the NFA item on the range while its awaiting approval from the "AFT" as Joe BiDeng calls them.