Level 1

Basic introduction to shotguns

The 12g is a devastating and formidable weapon of choice for home defense and anything under 50 yards.This course teaches the homeowner or individual the basics in shotgun handling and fundamentals. Topics cover the various types of shotguns are available, different ammunition types and their preference according to the intended purpose, as well as the proper caliber ranges to fit the user's physical abilities .

The student's own shotgun is recommended for the class, preferably with a 22in barrel or less.


  • Members $200
  • Non-members $250
  • Shotgun rental (optional) $45

Required gear: 50 shells birdshot, 20 Double 00 buckshot, 10 slugs, *no rifled barrels

Level 2

Advanced shotgun

This course teaches the application of shotgun tactics in a high stress situation, engage threats at various distances, conduct reload drills and engage multiple threats. This course is for the student who has completed the basic shotgun course; exemptions apply to LE/MIL and armed private contractors. Any other qualified personnel please email us the respective documentation.


  • Members $250
  • Non-members $325
  • Shotgun rental (optional) $45

Required gear: 12g or 20g shotgun with a barrel length no longer than 22in, 100 birdshot, 30 buckshot 0,00,000, No.4 are acceptable, 15 shells slug