Level 1

Basic introduction to the semi-auto, tactical rifle

Designed for those who have little to no experience with semi auto tactical style rifles. Examples of such rifles are the AR15/AR10, AK47/74 variant, HK G3, FAL, Mini 14, Mini 30, PS90, MP5 or any other similar rifle. Discussion topics include the variations, loading/unloading, disassembly/reassembly, and basic fundamentals of marksmanship. Classroom time varies. Students are asked to bring a rifle with sights, red dot, irons or magnified.


  • $150 members
  • $175 non-member

Ammunition: 150 rounds FMJ steel or brass case

Level 2


An enhancement to the Level 1, this course focuses on range time and practical applications. Students learn to hold groups at 100 and 300 yards while being scored, engage in scenario-based evolutions such as moving while firing, and discuss the capabilities and limitations of a semi auto rifle as well as the many different calibers and what caliber is suited best for varies.


  • Members $250
  • Non-members $300

Required gear: 200 rounds of FMJ ammunition brass or steel case, shooting mat, and 3 magazines (minimum of 20 rounds)