Have You Always Wanted to Blaze Away in Full Auto?

Arrange for local machine gun rental services in Troup, TX

Machine guns have been around for nearly 100 years, but being able to use one is a unique experience. Luckily, Texas Tactical Training Center in Troup, TX offers local machine gun rental services. Our licensed team will supervise your use of the machine gun to keep everyone safe.

Schedule licensed machine gun rental services by calling us at 903-372-9472 now.

A thrill unlike any other

When you come to us for licensed machine gun rentals:

  • You'll enjoy a unique experience using a highly-regulated weapon in a controlled and supervised environment
  • You'll be able to blaze away at pumpkins and fire extinguishers with your friends
  • You'll have the opportunity to use a machine gun for hog hunting

Contact us today to arrange for a local machine gun rental, for an experience you can't get anywhere else in East Texas.

Machine Gun Rental Price List

Machine Gun Rental Pricing

All active members can rent Sub-Machine Gun calibers for $65 no limit on magazines

Rental does NOT include ammo. Shooter may use their own ammunition or purchase through Tex Tac MG. Absolutely NO Handloads allowed in Machine Gun Rentals!!!!!!

  • Select Fire AR15 5.56/.223¬†- $50 per shooter Four 30rnd mag maximum
  • British Mk5 Sten ( full auto only) 9mm - $45 per shooter Five 20rnd mag maximum
  • Israeli UZI 9mm - $65 per shooter Four 25rnd mag maximum
  • FN P90 5.7x28mm - $85 per shooter Three 50rnd mag maximum
  • Russian PPs43 7.62x25 tokarev - $75 per shooter Two 35rnd mag maximum
  • HK UMP .40cal - $85 per shooter Three 30rnd mag maximum
  • Auto Ordnance M1 Thompson .45acp - $90 per shooter Three 20rnd mag maximum
  • Russian DP28 7.62x54R - $125 per shooter for the first 40 round pan magazine, $100 for every pan magazine after that. These prices include ammunition on the DP28 rental
  • Vz61 Skorpion 32acp - $60 3 mag maximum
  • Suomi Kp31 9mm - $50 3- 71rnd drum maximum
  • Polish RPD 7.62x39¬†belt fed- $150 includes 50 round belt. Each additional 50rnd belt $50