Handgun license to carry for the State of Texas

Online Texas License to Carry Class can be done using our 3rd party source. The online class can be done at home in as little as 4 hours. Once completed you will schedule a time to take your LTC shooting qualification with us at Texas Tactical Training Center.
We will offer the classroom and qualification course for large groups by reservation only, but please note we do not have the seating available to accommodate classes at our location. The individual(s) looking to have us teach a class will need to provide a location for large groups.
Online LTC course link
For more information on LTC requirements, follow the Texas Department of Public Safety here.

Cost For Qualification: 


  • $75 for members
  • $95 non-members




Required gear:  Any caliber handgun revolver or Semi-Auto with 50 rounds



***the law NO longer applies to qualifying with a revolver you can only carry a revolver.

State application fees are the student's responsibility                       

Online LTC course fees are the students responsibility